Protect Your Business And Assets

Debra HenryGoing through a divorce can be contentious and complicated even in the most straightforward and simple circumstances. If you are also a business owner, executive or high-net-worth individual, your divorce may be even more challenging. Coupled with the emotions of the divorce itself, you also have the extra worry of how this will affect your business and your overall finances.

At the Law Offices of Debra L. Henry in Greensburg and Westmoreland County, we understand the needs of our business owner and professional clients. We have experience representing clients of all means, and you can be confident that we can help you protect your business and the assets for which you've worked so hard.

We have existing relationships with accountants and others who can determine accurate valuations for both your business, income, pension or retirement accounts. They can also help you understand the tax repercussions of your options.

We Can Help You Keep What You've Earned

We know that your business and your career are more than just a job, and your home is more than just four walls. It's personal and it's emotional, and we can help you protect the things in which you've invested so much time and effort.

Some of the ways we can help with your divorce and business needs include:

  • Determining separate versus community property: We will help prove that property should be classified as separate due to unique circumstances such as inheritance or gifts.
  • Protection of retirement assets: We can ensure that any retirement funds accrued prior to the marriage remain separate as well as any accrued after the divorce.
  • Protection of marital residence: We will help you make the appropriate choices regarding the marital residence, from establishing that it should be considered separate property or timing the sale of the home to coincide with your best interests.
  • Support issues: Whether it's a lump sum alimony payment or determining a fair amount of child support, we will guide you through the best options available.
  • Business valuation: Working with experts in the field of business valuation, we will make sure an accurate estimate is calculated.
  • Asset valuation: A precise evaluation of your assets and tax implications can help you make informed decisions regarding distribution and division.
  • Asset distribution: Working together, we'll make sure that your best interests always remain the focal point and that division is truly fair.
  • Child custody: Whether you are interested in primary or shared custody, or if you plan to relocate, we will be your advocates.

Every relationship is unique, and we know that "fair" isn't just dividing things 50/50. Our attorney, Debra L. Henry, will assist you in ensuring that you get all you deserve.

A Seasoned Lawyer May Be Your Best Investment Yet

We've been helping Pennsylvania business owners and executives with family law and divorce legal matters since 1989. You can count on us to provide you with sound advice and counsel so that you can maintain the life you lead.

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